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About ABAS - American Board of Accreditation Services

ABAS is an independent accreditation body secured to work accreditation structure and advertise quality through its own particular Notice of Companionship and Guidelines & Regulations.

ABAS was built in USA to give accreditation to convey on four objectives identifying with Respectability and Trust, Exchange Help, Linkages, and Global Acknowledgement. Accreditation encourages worldwide notoriety by the method for building comparability and worldwide acknowledgement of affirmation, assessment and testing being attempted by different congruity appraisal bodies in of Quality, Environment, food safety and so on. ABAS points at pushing quality by empowering makers and suppliers of merchandise/ services to apply quality standards and devices and at the same time engaging buyers to request quality products/services. The advancement of value incorporates all fragments including assembling, wellbeing, training and open administrations.

  • Vision

    To be among the world's autonomous heading quality assistance, accreditation and observation association, to ceaselessly enhance the atmosphere, frameworks, methods and aptitudes for aggregate quality.

  • Mission

    Our mission is to be a leader in accreditation processes that build confidence and value for stakeholders worldwide and providing high quality, competent, impartial and reliable accreditation services with the most professional value-added services for customers and end users.

  • ABAS Objectives

    i) Give right data to quality related standards.
    ii) Spread quality development all around world through certificate.
    iii) To Help associations to make brand value of items and administrations

  • What We Do?

    ABAS authorizes congruity evaluation bodies and preparing associations and additionally directs a reviewer enlistment plan. ABAS does not perform certification. ABAS will acknowledge provisions from similarity appraisal bodies working anyplace on the planet. Accreditation project are open to all similarity appraisal bodies, regardless of size, area or affiliations, whose operations incorporate exercises for which accreditation system are presently accessible.