American Board of Accreditation Services (ABAS)

ABAS have been promoting since 1998 , Personal Certification and Product Certification services. We have already spreads our roots in different countries.33 countries are the member of ABAS. ABAS accredits CABs who in turn certify organizations. We establish our chain to different companies to provide services and would be inviting applications worldwide.

American Board of Accreditation Services (ABAS) is the independent accreditation board providing accreditation to conformity assessment bodies (CABs) in the area of

  • Quality Management Systems(QMS)
  • Environmental Management Systems(EMS)
  • Food Safety Management Systems(FSMS)
  • Inspection
  • Product Certification(CE)
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems(OHSMS)
  • Information Security Management Systems(ISMS)
  • Energy Management Systems(ISO - 50000)
  • Medical Devices QMS ( ISO- 13485)
  • Rating

Accreditation is the official validation or recognition of an assessment body's proficiency, ethics, trustworthiness and independence to take on certification assessment activities.

Accreditation by a Independent Accreditation Body implies that when you pick a confirmation body to survey your activities you are picking somebody who has been looked into against characterized standards. You will realize that they have their own particular archived working framework and systems for caring of your interests. You realize that accreditation by ABAS has given a level of assurance and plan of action that is not ordinarily accessible to business.
All organizations certificated by ABAS accredited organizations may be independently verified and their current certification status checked Certified organization.

Use of Accreditation Logo / Symbol

The logo is utilized by authorize conformity assessment bodies to convey to the potential invested individuals of their administrations that they meet the necessities of an accreditation body.

The logo is likewise utilized by associations to further underscore that their items, methodologies or administrations granted an embraced endorsement have been given by a body certify by a crest national accreditation body.

Instructions about Use of Logo:

  • Logo not to be used on flags or buildings.
  • Logo can be used by the certified companies.
  • Logo not to be used on vehicles.
  • Logo can be used after the written permisson of ABAS. It shouldn't be in used that it'll cause a wrong information about status of certification.
  • Certified Organizations can use Logo for activity/ areas in certification's scope.
  • Organizations will need to stop utilization of logo in occasion of expiring of certificate, dropping or withdrawing of certification contract.
  • Certified Organizations are obligated to implement necessities of this instruction as long as the validity of certificate continues.
  • A detailed Data about utilizing of accreditation logos might be taken from the certify bodies.
  • The term of presentation's materials incorporate the notes, marks, archives and composed announcements on items, products according to the certificate( eg: Management system certification / Personal Certification / Product certification )
  • The certificates are suspended or the contracts are cancelled when companies don't fulfil the conditions indicated in this instruction.

Certified Orgnization

To check out the status of an organization for the standard (management system standard/product certification/personal certification/rating), you may search as below:

Search data like

  • Name of Organization / Person / Product (Optional)
  • Certificate Number (Mandatory)
  • Country (Mandatory)
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ABAS Fee Structure Included:

  • Application Fees
  • Certification Fee ( Per Certificate )
  • Expenses / Other Charges (Cost of Travel , Accommodation, Food etc)
  • Yearly Surveillance
  • Re-Certification

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